India vs Australia ODIs: Virat Kohli stands one century away from scripting six big records

10 Kohli will combine Ponting at the cover of the desk on ODI hundreds of years with way of a priest in household.  He stands ahead of De Villiers in the about three.

 And then Kohli heads in to the show immediately after capping of the following unbelievable season and also a final couple of years.
Indian skipper Virat Kohli stands out a hundred years apart from scripting as numerous as 6 huge recordings on earth championship, a lot which include equalling a entire album and you will probably soon be enrolling for a brand new world album.  And now Kohli are going to possess the chance these recordings inside the coming three-game ODI series involving India and Australia starting up January 14 admissions in Mumbai.
9 Kohli will combine Sachin to truly have the joint-highest quantity of countless decades against one competitor in ODIs.  Rohit Sharma includes just seven years past Australia and stands on the list.

Seventy one Kohli could possess the joint-most quantity of worldwide productions together side Ponting, standing just at the rear of Sachin using a hundred years of countless decades.
2-2 Kohli will endure next to Australia's Ricky Ponting towards the very top on ODI hundreds of years with way of a priest.  He stands alongside 2 1 hundreds of years, 8 beforehand of third-placed a b de Villiers.  1 1 runs longer compared to century and also Kohli will turn into the speediest to 5000 runs in ODIs being a skipper.  He has 4889 runs in eighty three matches.  Ponting had arrived at the markers from his 164th ODI match for being a captain.

20 Kohli may combine his idol Sachin Tendulkar atop at the set of the majority of centuries with way of a new player in your household. 
He requires is 1 century and this will be the information he'll figure out how to script...

Forty two Kohli is going to have an attempt a scripting planet album by exceeding Ponting's tally of 4 1 to develop into the captain with the majority of international productions.

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