Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam's online greeting draws negative response

Some of those end users commented in the article, expressing"5 requirements, none !  Common suffrage for its chief executive order, animate us exactly the authentic'one state, two systems'".
On xmas, the metropolis's AntiGovernment demonstrators chanted pro-democracy slogans as authorities fired teargas to disperse crowds collecting on neighboring roads.
The contentious China extradition monthly bill was pulled in early September however, that the movements has become a broader effort for increased democracy and contrary to alleged police brutality.
Hong-kong embattled pioneer Carrie Lam's internet time of year's compliments where she's vowed to think people's criticism and also be more thankful to their own words of reinforcement, brought a poor answer by your netizens.
On Saturday,'' Lam published a remark on her behalf FB page which brought an overall total of 8,300 end users' answer, together with 5,300 revealing"rage".

However, most face-book users weren't impressed with this communication.

"I am thankful to people that invited me personally and certainly will convert their own reinforcement to the enthusiasm behind could job," Lam composed in the article.
"I strove to learn all of them to obey the public's voice.  I'll seriously think on individuals gripe, also follow on their own orders for guidance ",'' Lam explained.

On Fridaythe pro-democracy protesters chose a significant rally January 1, 20 20 after three consecutive times of xmas demonstrations and confrontations with authorities that contributed to significantly more than 3-10 arrests.

Attached with the article was an picture of roughly 10 xmas and New Year cards she'd received out of the town inhabitants just lately.

Even the huge violent protests at hongkong started not exactly half a year past in June towards suggestions to permit extradition to mainland China, a movement several feared could endanger the town's legislative liberty and undermine dissidents.

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