11 booked for kidnapping, raping 21-year-old in Maharashtra

1-1 Reserved for kidnapping, raping 21-year-old at Maharashtra (Representational Picture )
An instance Was filed against 1-1 individuals for supposedly kidnapping, raping and raping a 21-year-old woman for at Least annually at Vasai

As stated by the complainant, the accused, that had been inhabitants of Rangaon and also Kalam at Vasai, supposedly maintained her at confinement, tortured and raped , he included.  Back in July 2018, certainly one among those accused supposedly entered in to a romance with all the casualty, '' the officer claimed, including the accused, along side a couple other individuals afterwards abducted the lady.

 The Vasai authorities on Wednesday filed a offence from 1-1 people without a arrest was made inside this respect, authorities associations officer Hemant Katkar explained.

The misuse continued until December this calendar year, after the sufferer enrolled a complaint with law enforcement, he included.  An offence under divisions 376 (rape), 366 (kidnap), 342 (wrongful confinement) along with other important conditions of the Indian Penal Code was filed contrary to the alleged accused,'' who've yet to be detained as , he included.

The sufferer has been made to sign blank papers and affidavits to show that she'd wed one among those accused,'' he also said.  Throughout her period at confinement, the lady has been exposed to repeated rapes,'' because which she gave birth to an infant girl, Katkar explained.

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